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Please note: The goal of this website is to provide and describe a list of non-academic factors that predict academic performance at university level and also to provide the references that report the science/reserach behind these factors.  This website is continuously under construction and visitors should take this into consideration when studying these pages.
The two images below beautifully summarizes the science and the driving force behind FloursihWell4Life @ School/University memberships.  Figure 1 lists a number of positive psychological predictors of academic achievement.  The idea is to develop and provide scientific interventions to students so that they can develop these factors in their own lives, reach their full potential and achieve academic success.  Figure 2 illustrates how these factors relate to the six dimension of wellness.
Note: BeWell at Stellenbosch University is an example of a FlourishWell4Life @ University membership.
Figure 1:  Positive Psychological Predictors of Academic Success
Figure 2: The Link between Wellness and Predictors of Academic Success