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UBASuccess2 - A success conditioning programme

Every successful person (entrepreneur, athlete, student, etc.) has several key characteristics, or power factors. These factors are critical for playing and achieving at the highest level. Some people have more of one than another. It is your resposibility to take notice of what you have, what you can develop (your strengths) and what you must manage (your weaknesses). The seven key characteristics or power factors are depicted in the following mind map.


UBAsuccess2 is a conditioning program that will help you to develop the mindset of the high achiever. UBASuccess2 consists of a number of "Inspire-U-2-Have-Characteric"-modules specifically designed to develop the seven key characteristics or power factors of success. It also has a tracking component and individualized webpages for each FlourishWell4Life member. Members can earn a "Certicate of Completion" once they have met all the minimum requirements.

More Information

Each "Inspire-U-2-module" contains powerful quotations that inspire you to develop a specific characteristic. Thousands of quotations from philosophers, historical figures, well-known experts, sport stars, etc. are incorporated in total. See our references below (blue button).

Each member's interaction with UBASuccess2 is tracked via web forms: A FlourishWell4Life member must indicate which modules he/she consulted on which date and for how long, provide his/her opinion about the quality and meaning of the modules, indicate to what life areas he/she is going to apply the lessons learnt and compile an action plan on integrating the lessons learnt in his/her life. This information is used to compile a journal for each member.

All FlourishWell4Life members have access to their own personalised and secure webpages that contain a complete record of their interactions with UBASuccess2 (the journal) and also summarise statistically how they have utilised the various modules.

Assessments & Certification

FlourishWell4Life members must complete a pre-test before they start with their conditioning. This self-assessment determines how inspired they are at the start of the programme to exhibit the seven key characteristics or power factors of success in their lives. They must also periodically complete the same test as a post-test after they have utilized the various "Inspire-U-2" modules within the UBASuccess programme for a while. This post-test will indicate if any growth has taken place as a result of the programme. A link to this test is available below.

FlourishWell4Life members who actively take part in the UBASuccess2 programme will receive a "Certicate of Completion" once they have met all the requirements - this includes a minimum amount of time spent on the various "Inspire-U-2" modules, evidence of lessons learnt and action plans compiled, and a pass mark of at least 90% on an "open book" test about the composition and contents of the programme. Detail is available from the top menu.

Start off by discovering the seven key success characteristics / power factors via either the links below, or the menu at the top of the page.

UBASuccess2 is proudly brought to you by FlourishWell4Life